Azure Standard Truck Route
Dufur, Oregon to St. Louis, MO

Year: 2011       Route:  M-1
Order Cut-OffDelivery BeginsDeliveries Complete
Jan. 25Jan. 29Feb. 3
Feb. 22Feb. 26Mar. 3
Mar 22Mar. 26Apr. 1
Apr. 26Apr. 30May 6
May 24May 28June 3
June 21June 25Jul. 1
Jul. 26Jul. 30Aug. 5
Aug 23Aug. 27Sept. 2
Sep. 20 Sep 24Sep. 30
Oct 25Oct 29Nov. 4
Nov 18Nov 26Dec. 1
Route M-1 has an additional long distance fuel and delivery charge.
This is figured as a percentage of your order.  call Azure Standard
for details:  541-467-2230